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Hello dear entrepreneurs, I am an investor, I invest only my own money, not credit. Not collateral, I spend a lot of time doing business in different directions, gathering active people who know what they want. I consider brilliant ideas in any direction, I participate as a partner in equal...
LocationKazakhstan Scope of investmentAcquisition of tangible assets
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We and our partners provide a full range of services for financing and construction, modernization and expansion, maintenance and operation of liquefied natural gas plants in Russia, the CIS republics, Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. Our services include: •...
LocationEurope Scope of investmentOrganization of plants and factories, Acquisition of tangible assets
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1. ESFC Investment Group offers financing with a minimum contribution from the Initiator (Organizer) to the project budget for any industry , including industry, energy, mining and processing of minerals, waste processing, agriculture, mechanical engineering, infrastructure, logistics, real...
LocationEurope Investment termLong-term - more than 5 years
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