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Services for financing and construction of LNG plants in Russia and the CIS

We and our partners provide a full range of services for financing and construction, modernization and expansion, maintenance and operation of liquefied natural gas plants in Russia, the CIS republics, Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East.

Our services include:

• Feasibility study and financial modeling of the project.
• Development of a general project and detailed design of technological processes.
• Design and manufacture of custom-made LNG equipment.
• Carrying out a full cycle of work on the construction and launch of the facility.
• Consultations during plant operation.
• Modernization and expansion.

Cooperation with us provides obvious advantages to our clients in the form of cost-effective production, high reliability and long service life of plants, increased return on investment and quick payback of the project as a whole.

We can develop the optimal investment or technological process for your business to provide simplified LNG production, savings for future plant expansion, minimal feed gas consumption, the ability to work with inexpensive refrigerants, stable operation at low pressure and other benefits.

Our team consists of professionals who are ready to immediately begin implementing your investment projects.

In recent years, the EPC contract has been the most common form of cooperation in the construction of large-scale facilities such as LNG plants and terminals . The advantage of an EPC contract for investors is that a single contractor assumes all responsibilities and bears full responsibility for the implementation of the project.

Contact us at any time to find out more about all the nuances of financing and construction of liquefied natural gas plants in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad.

After receiving the necessary documents: application form and project presentation, our specialists will try to consider your application as soon as possible, and experts will offer the best financing options.

  • Europe
Scope of investment:
  • Organization of plants and factories
  • Acquisition of tangible assets
Investment term:
  • Medium term - up to 5 years
  • Long-term - more than 5 years
Investment form:
  • Share
Investment conditions:
  • Share
Investment size:
  • More than 1 billion rubles

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