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Investments in gold mining

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We offer investors, with a relatively low investment threshold, participation in the gold mining business.
Gold mining is on an area of 50 hectares, with an average gold content of 3 grams per ton.
The plot is under long-term lease. The mining equipment is mobile and quickly deployable.
The investment amount can be divided into parts of 100,000 euros, which corresponds to 5% of the company's shares.

The total investment amount is 600,000 euros, which corresponds to 30% of the company's shares.
The company's own funds and assets are 400,000 euros.
The company's estimated base profit is from 12 million per year.

Business advantages:
- Demand for gold is always growing, the product is as liquid as possible.
- Low barrier to entry into business.
- Guarantee against inflation - the ability to earn income in gold.
- Quick start - business starts on a new site within 3 months
- Quick payback - dividends at the end of the first reporting year.
- Transparency and control – the investor is given control over the use of funds and the activities of the company.
- If necessary, we will help you obtain permanent residence in Europe or Latin America.

Investments are fully backed by the gold reserves of the site itself, where the gold content is confirmed by reputable scientific centers, and the cost of the site itself is many times higher than the amount of investment to start work on the site.
Our company has the equipment and a full range of specialists to implement this project, fulfilling all the conditions for investors.
Key employees, consultants and experts of the project are professionals from Russia and Finland, including candidates of technical sciences, doctors of technical sciences, and professors.

Sincerely, a Finnish group of companies specializing in the creation and improvement of technologies in the mining and processing industry. The company has laboratory and analytical facilities for solving a wide range of problems. Main strongholds: Helsinki and St. Petersburg.
PS. Attention to consultants, intermediaries and other gentlemen of good luck - we do not need loans from European, American and other banks. We are not interested in paying for insurance and services to attract finance.

  • Russian Federation
  • Europe
Scope of investment:
  • Mining
  • Mining of precious metals
Investment term:
  • Medium term - up to 5 years
  • Long-term - more than 5 years
Investment form:
  • Full
  • Share
Investment conditions:
  • Loan
  • Share
Investment size:
  • From 50 to 100 million rubles

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