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Bauxite quarry for rent

100 00000 RUB
In stock

Available for rent:

- 9 owned land plots with a total area of more than 220 hectares.

- 2 plots of land with a total area of 156,630 m2 for rent.

- 100% of the shares of LLC, which owns a prospecting and evaluation license with the right to develop the first section of the Gulinsky deposit with reserves of 912,333 tons of bauxite (According to geological information, the mine’s reserves are: more than 912 thousand tons of bauxite with an average aluminum oxide content of 25%. there are more of them 83,740 tons of bauxite with an average aluminum oxide content of more than 40%), and 253,225 tons of brown iron ore (limonite). Reserves were calculated based on the results of geological exploration at the licensed area, as well as based on the results of laboratory research and quantitative chemical analysis carried out by the integrated laboratory of OSP "Chelyabinskgeosemka" of JSC "Central PGO" in 2022.
There is a potential opportunity to increase reserves through the acquisition of other promising areas of the Gulinskoye field.
- Water near the site
- The railway dead end is located approximately 15 km from the field
- Electricity of any power
- Flat area of the plot.

Bauxite is the raw material for aluminum production

Current state of the enterprise:
  • Current
Inventory categories:
  • B - Pre-explored
  • C1 - Poorly explored
324,000 thousand tons
13 hectares
Contents of useful component:
  • Earth
  • Buildings and constructions
  • Car park
Extra options:
There is access to water, electricity, and a railway siding
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Понамарь Игорь
Прекрасное расположение участка дает хорошие перспективы на дальнейшее развитие карьера.
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