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Oil and gas field. current

750 000 00000 RUB
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Oil and Gas field.
The license expires in 2033.
License agreement complied with
In this area there are about 4 million tons of oil reserves and about 9 billion cubic meters. m. of gas (Gas of excellent quality, Gazprom Gas), not associated. But it is necessary to install a Gas Separation installation (to purify gas from oil)
Now 1 well is working. , the reactivation of 6 more wells requires costs of 9,000,000 rubles (each).
The metering unit was built at the field, the pipe was thrown,
The pumps are standing, oil is being produced.
Park for 400 tons of oil. There is a preparation point for weakening oil. The entire fishery is owned. There are test drilling reports. There is gas separation. The pipe has been laid, the metering unit has been built up to the main pipeline

  • Russian Federation
Mineral resource:
  • Oil
  • Gas
Current state:
  • Under development

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