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Sale of quarry. syenite deposit. high quality stone

140 000 00000 RUB
In stock
Offered for sale. Career. “Walking Mountains”. Deposit of construction crushed stone. (syenites) Location: Sverdlovsk region. Suburb of Nizhny Tagil. 2 km from the railway station. San Donato, 0.8 km from the Zaichya Gora quarry deposit. (similar quality of building crushed stone) Deposit area 24 hectares. Mining depth is 180 m. No water inflow up to 40 meters from the beginning of development. (3 horizons). License until 2031. The estimated cost of all construction and organizational work for the full functionality of the quarry has been calculated in the amount of 800 thousand m3 per year (and in the future 1200 thousand m3 / year). -Strength more than 1400 kg/. m2 - density from 1180 to 1300 kg/m3 The only deposit (of syenites) of building stone in the area of N Tagil, the quality of which meets modern requirements, is the deposit of syenites “Mount Gulyaschaya”, since the quarry “Mount Zaichya” was operating until recently ”, has a very limited resource for extracting building crushed stone of similar quality. The “Walking Mountains” deposit is a promising object for solving the development of the deposit and producing high-quality crushed stone in a volume of 800 thousand m3 (and in the future 1200 thousand m3). As a result of the work performed, the reserves of syenite suitable for producing crushed stone grades 1000-1400 according to GOST 8267-93 were calculated in the amount of 12,497 thousand m3 for categories A and C1 Syenite reserve categories: A - 5727 thousand m3 C1 - 6770 thousand m3 A B C - 12,497 thousand m3 The average density of syenites for 56 samples is 2.62 g/cm3. The true density varies from 2.64 g/. cm3 up to 2.29 g/cm3 The materials are suitable for all types of construction, including newly constructed residential and public buildings. 1. Syenites are suitable for producing crushed stone grades 1400-1200 in a dry state and 1400-1000 in a water-saturated state according to GOST 8267-93. Crushed stone grades 1400-1000 for crushing and I1 and I2 for abrasion are suitable for preparing a/b mixtures (a/b mixtures, road, airfield, asphalt concrete) The tensile strength in a water-saturated state for 36 samples varies from 700 kgf/cm2 to 1865 kgf/cm2, grades 800-1400 are 80%. In terms of tensile strength in a water-saturated state, syenites are suitable for producing rubble stone grades 600-1400 according to TU 21-10-69-89. The offer price of this property is 140,000,000 rubles

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