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Share in a large oil and gas company in Kyzylorda, Republic of Kazakhstan

35 000 00000 RUB
In stock

* A 0.17% stake in an oil and gas company engaged in the production and exploration of oil assets in Kazakhstan is for sale. Founded in 1999.
* Within 3 years, the company will pay dividends totaling 11,197,168,000 tenge. When purchasing a share, you receive the right to receive dividends in proportion to the share (0.17%). * The amount of retained earnings as of December 31, 2021 is 30,443,375,000 tenge (~65,894,751 US dollars). * Ranks 27th in terms of revenue among oil and gas companies * The company is the only operator of 6 oil fields in
Kyzylorda region. * Contract duration: 2022, 2026, 2033, 2042. In 2022, the Company discovered rich shale oil deposits. According to preliminary estimates: 250,000,000 tons. Extraction is planned using new pumping technologies from the Schlumberger Company and Chinese manufacturers. Work to extract this oil is already underway. The direction of shale oil production is new and promising for the Kazakhstan oil production industry. With the support of the state, legislation on shale oil production was adopted in the spring of 2022. * There are financial statements from 2008, audited by Big 4 companies (Earnst & Young, PwC, etc.).
In 2021, the Company exported produced crude oil through the pipeline systems of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium and KazTransOil. In addition, the Company, through traders, supplies crude oil to the Pavlodar oil refinery of PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP for processing.

The supply of crude oil to the local market is carried out in volumes that are agreed upon with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on a monthly basis, in order to maintain the operating capacity of local plants and supply the republican market with refined products.
Financial condition as of December 31, 2021

I. Current assets: 86,887,000
II. Long-term assets: 92,276,491,000
III. Current liabilities: 8,108,878,000
IV. Long-term liabilities: 25,927,308,000
V. Capital: 31,211,448,000

Financial results for 2021

Revenue: 57,211,000,000 tenge (57 billion) Profit after tax: 8,848,831,000

Number of personnel: 886 people

  • Kazakhstan
Mineral resource:
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Complex
Current state of the enterprise:
  • Current
Inventory categories:
  • B - Pre-explored
Share of sales, %:
34 hectares
  • Earth
  • Buildings and constructions
  • Warehouses
  • Equipment and machines
  • Car park
  • Electricity
  • Driveways
  • Railway
Extra options:
gas is produced along the way
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Богдан г.Кривой Рог.
Очень заманчивое предложение! Солидная прибыль !Долгосрочные перспективы!
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