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Truck crane "CHELYABINETS KS-55733-33" chassis-43118

9 300 00000 RUB
In stock
CJSC ChelyabKranSbyt, the exclusive distributor of OJSC Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant, offers Chelyabinsk truck cranes with the following characteristics: lifting capacity 25, 32, 40 and 50 tons; boom length 21.7m, 28.1m, 33m and 34m; on Ural, KamAZ chassis Why choose the Chelyabinets truck crane? JSC ChMZ is a recognized leader in the production of cranes, which has been around for over 70 years. A variety of models allows you to find the best option. If you do not find the model you need, we will be able to offer the optimal crane to solve your problems. Improved tech. characteristics (comply with weight control standards, enlarged support contour, etc.) in comparison with analogues, thanks to the innovative developments of our own engineering center. Competitive prices with consistently high quality. A wide network of service centers covering all regions of Russia. Additional services - warranty service, equipment insurance and leasing. All products are sold at manufacturer prices. Flexible form of payment. Discount system. Individual terms of cooperation. Available in warehouse Chelyabinsk

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