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Truck crane Ivanovets KS 45717A-1R

7 100 00000 RUB
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Make, model Ivanovets KS 45717A-1R Year of manufacture 2014 Body color White Make, engine model YaMZ-5361 V engine, cm³ 6,650 Engine power, l/s 270 Ecological class 4 Make, gearbox type ZF9 Load capacity, tons 25 Boom radius, m 30.7 Involved in work Yes Mileage, km (hours worked) 100,000/8,900 Average tire balance, % 40 Encumbrance No Number of owners 1 Date of issue of title 07/28/2014 General condition Good Location Yekaterinburg Payment options: 1) 3, 5 million rubles with VAT + 3.6 million rubles cash 2) 8.1 million rubles with VAT (LEASING is possible) I recommend adding to your favorites to be aware of price changes Subscribe to our Telegram channel: autobroker_online

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