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Advantages of SOÍMA cranes - NO bolted tower sections are used. They are easy to disassemble and assemble, and no special tools are required. - ALL motors and systems with inverters provide protection for the crane and low power consumption for its operation. - SPEED systems (carriage, lifting and rotation) with inverters ensure operator safety, for example, in a hoisting motor the crane cannot always reach the same speed, since the system always checks how much weight the crane is moving and whether it is possible to reach the maximum speed . - EACH crane uses mechanical and electronic safety systems so that if one of them fails, work does not stop. - S355 J2H steel is used for all cranes, which allows the crane to be operated at - 25ºC, and developments are currently underway to reach temperatures up to - 40º C. Total lifting capacity: 8 tons Boom length: 60m, lifting capacity at the end of the boom: 1.5 tons Height: 87m H The delivery set includes one mounting section and 3 fastening belts. The set does not include an anchor base.

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