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Bulldozer B10M with hydromechanical transmission

5 200 00000 RUB
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The B10M bulldozer-ripper unit (GMT) of general purpose traction class 10 with a hydromechanical transmission is the result of the modernization of B10 type bulldozers (B-10 bulldozer). The B10M (B-10M) bulldozer is designed for developing category I - III soils without preliminary loosening, category IV soils with preliminary loosening, as well as fractured rocks and frozen soils at soil temperatures down to -5°C. When mounted with a traction winch, the B10M (B-10M) bulldozer can be used to perform special work in construction, logging and transport work, as well as during emergency rescue operations. The B10M bulldozer can be operated in temperate and cold climates at ambient temperatures from plus 40°C to minus 50°C, at an altitude of up to 3000 m above sea level, with high dustiness, as well as in tropical climate conditions (tropical version)Engine: D180, YaMZ-236; Operating power: 180 - 190 hp; Operating weight: 20030 - 21250 kg; Transmission: hydromechanical.

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