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Bulldozer SHEHWA TY165-3

3 550 00000 RUB
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Bulldozer type TY165-3 from the official dealer of HBXG - Enterprise Spectrum bulldozer of the state tractor plant HBXG type TY165-3 (SHEHWA brand) is equipped with a semi-rigid suspension and hydromechanical transmission. Serial bulldozers TY165-3 are modernized products of bulldozer type TY165-2. Compared to the TY165-2 bulldozer, the design of the TY165-3 bulldozer has the following improvements: - the main technical characteristics of productivity, reliability, torque converter life have been improved; - improved appearance and interior of the cabin; - a new, more efficient air filtration system has been applied; - a new fuel separation and preheating device has been introduced (for cold climates); - electronic fuel supply control devices; - the design of the radiator support for the engine cooling system has been strengthened; - the design of the bulldozer blade has been improved. The bulldozer underwent a cycle of factory tests for 2 years, as a result of which it showed an improvement in the main operational characteristics and was accepted for mass production in 2014, with the aim of replacing the successful bulldozer of the previous generation type TY165-2 on the conveyor. Main technical characteristics of the bulldozer (executed for export with a direct blade with hydraulic skew): Overall dimensions with ripper (length x width x height): 6356×3297×3160 mm Overall dimensions without ripper (length x width x height): 5447×3297× 3160 mm Operating weight (with blade and ripper): 18.95 t Operating weight (with blade, without ripper): 17.12 t Flywheel power: 121 kW Max. traction force: 139.6 kN (Useful traction force depends on the weight and adhesion characteristics of the soil) Specific ground pressure (at operating weight): 64.0 kPa Min. ground clearance (clearance) 352.5 mm Maximum surmountable slope: frontal - 30° / lateral - 25° Diesel engine Engine type: diesel, single-row, air-cooled, four-stroke, supercharged and direct fuel injection (HPF) Manufacturer: WEIFANG DIESEL ENGINE CO.,LTD Model: WD10G178E25 Environmental class: Complies with China Stage II (GB 20891-2007) emission regulations (equivalent to EPA Tier 2 / EU Stage II emission levels) Number of cylinders - bore × stroke: 6 - 126 x 130 mm Cylinder capacity: 9.726 l Rated speed: 1800 rpm Rated power: 130 kW Max. torque: 870 Nm/1200-1300 rpm Fuel consumption (under normal operating conditions) 225 g/kW•h Oil consumption: 1.8 g/kW•h Permissible altitude above sea level: ≤4000m Cooling method: water cooling Start method: electric start from a 24 V battery Torque converter and gearbox (transmission) Classic hydromechanical transmission: single-phase three-element torque converter, ensures safe operation of the engine, leveling (smoothing) the load from the transmission on the engine, which allows the bulldozer to be operated by operators with little experience and ensuring a high service life of the engine and transmission. Planetary gearbox, with hydraulically controlled gear shifts under load, three forward speeds, three reverse speeds. Central transmission with helical gears of constant mesh. The transmission has proven itself over more than 10 years of operation on bulldozers type TY165-2.

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