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PBU 2 drilling rig

14 000 00000 RUB
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Unlike URB 2A2, PBU 2 provides: static sensing; soil selection by soil carriers through hollow augers; drilling with hollow augers with soil sampling into a core receiver. Advantages of the PBU-2 drilling rig Mechanical drive of a movable rotator Drive from a deck or main engine Static and dynamic probing of soils Wide choice of transport bases Winch for cable-percussion drilling with a capacity of 2600 kgf PBU-2 units and mechanisms have high maintainability in field conditions Hydraulic pipe holders for SPO Kung for equipment for static sensing. The PBU-2 drilling rig with a mechanical drive of a movable rotator is designed to solve problems during engineering and geological surveys and implements all drilling technologies with soil sampling. PBU-2 provides percussion-rope drilling with the use of driving glasses and soil carriers, core and coreless “dry” / with flushing / with purging, rotary impact (pneumatic hammers), auger, drilling using hole drills, and also performs static and dynamic probing of soils . This installation has various options for mounting on transport bases: wheeled - KAMAZ (including a two-row cab), URAL, ZIL-131 (AMUR), MAZ, tracked transporters TGM-126, MTLBu, TT-4 and TLT-100A tractors , sled base, pontoons, etc. Drive options - from a deck engine or from a transport base. PBU-2 is mounted on its own frame driven by an autonomous diesel engine, which makes it possible to install it on mobile vehicles that do not have their own engine, or on which power take-off is impossible. The use of a deck power unit makes it possible to reduce depreciation costs associated with the operation and maintenance of a vehicle engine and significantly reduce fuel consumption. At the customer's request, a modification driven by a transport base engine is available. A movable rotator with a mechanical drive in combination with a powerful hydraulic feed mechanism makes it possible to create a significant axial load on the rock cutting tool from the first meters of drilling. The design of the rotator makes it possible to move it away from the well axis to perform tripping and hoisting operations, install casing strings and implement cable-percussion drilling technology using a drawworks. The PBU-2 controls are located at the base of the mast on the installation frame. For ease of operation, the unit is equipped with a removable platform for the drilling operator. Hydraulic jacks are provided. .Operation of the machine is allowed in areas with a temperate climate in the temperature range from - 40°C to + 40°C (Arctic version up to - 50°C is possible). Technical characteristics: Feed stroke, mm - 1800 / 3500 * Spindle rotation speed, rpm /min - 25 - 430 Torque, kgf - 500 Feeding force, kgf: up - 8000 down - 10000 Maximum winch load capacity, kgf - 2,600 Conditional drilling depth, m: augers - 60 auger drill - 25 auger drill sliding along rods - 16 with blowing - 10 0 with flushing - 100-120 percussion-rope - 50 Drilling diameter, max, mm: augers - 400 auger drill - 850 with flushing - 215.9 with blowing - 250 percussion-rope - 168 Chassis - Kamaz

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