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HDD drilling rig Hanlima HL532B

8 329 50690 RUB
In stock
HDD drilling rig Hanlima HL532B standard equipment, 100 rods of 3 m each, barrel, Price: $121,000 Sale of special equipment, components and spare parts. Drilling rig weight: 9.2 t Length, width, height: 720×240×300 cm Maximum traction force: 320 kN Power system voltage: 24 V Maximum feed force: 200 kN Maximum torque: 12,000 Nm Maximum rotation speed: 0 -110 rpm Maximum diameter of well expansion: 90 cm Maximum length of pipeline under construction: 500 m Diameter, length of drill rods: Ø - 73 mm, L - 4 m Maximum pressure of the drilling fluid supply pump: 10 MPa Engine/name: Steyr type WD615 Engine power: 154 kW / 210 hp Hydraulic anchoring system: yes Hydraulic rod feeding system: yes

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