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Metal-Fach excavator mounted on a rotary loader

Metal-Fach mounted rotary excavator - mounted on loaders with Euro mounts. Designed for digging soil to a depth of 1.5 meters and unloading. Equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder. Characteristics: Bucket width: 0.4 m Volume: 0.05 m3 Share thickness: 16 mm Bucket walls: 8 mm Bucket cover: 8 mm Rotation angle: 106deg; Steel: 09G2S 3 forged teeth Suitable for the following Metal-Fach loaders: T-219 T-229 (MTZ-82) T-229 (MTZ-1221) T-229 (MTZ-82, joystick) T-229 (MTZ-1221, joystick) T-229 (Imported tractors, joystick) T-229S (MTZ-82) T-229S (MTZ-82, joystick) T-229/1 (MTZ-82) T-229/1 (Imported tractors, joystick) T-229/2 (MTZ-82) T-229/2 (MTZ-1221) T-229/3 T-241 T-248 T-812 Upon request, the Agrogorod company will provide delivery to any region of Russia. We will answer all questions by phone 8 800 6000 311 (calls within the Russian Federation are free) Email:

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