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Excavator Dragline EO-5119

6 500 00000 RUB
In stock

Excavators DRAGLINE EO-5119-2004, EO-5116-2000 are for sale, there are other modifications.

Excavators are unpretentious, both in operation and in maintenance, Soviet quality and simplicity. Zap. Parts are inexpensive and usually in stock. The oddity of imported equipment, especially in today’s conditions. Fuel consumption is less than many hydraulic excavators.

CONDITION - restored to new, without wear, tested. The main components and assemblies were installed new.

WARRANTY, POST-WARRANTY SERVICE!!! Possible exchange for your dragline.

Rent from one day is possible (rent 3,500 rubles per hour, cash/non-cash, non-cash with VAT (negotiable) + driver services included). More detailed conditions can be clarified by phone.

Excavator DRAGLINE universal cable EXCAVATOR. Can perform a wide range of tasks with a variety of attachments (bucket up to 1.5 cubic meters, rammer, wedge, grab, crane, pile driver). Development of pits, loading soil into dump trucks, forming piles, cleaning rivers, lakes, reservoirs, industrial canals, excavating soil from great depths, compacting soil and much more.

We can organize delivery by trawl to any region and CIS countries.

89193504452 Eduard

Ad type:
  • Sale
  • boo
  • Another
Chassis type:
  • Tracked
Year of issue:
Principle of operation:
  • Cyclic action
Working body:
  • Dragline
Bucket volume:
  • from 1.0 m³ to 4.0 m³

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