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Crawler excavator UMG TX220

9 500 00000 RUB
In stock
Sales from an official dealer in Novosibirsk and Tomsk! Expanded basic equipment Climate system. Telemonitoring system. Engine preheater. Rear view camera with night vision mode. Work area lighting - up to 10 lighting fixtures. Multifunctionality Possibility of installing a wide range of replaceable working parts: crushing and screening buckets, hydraulic hammers, grabs with a rotator, vibratory loaders, hydraulic shears, mulchers and brush cutters. Intelligent control 8 preset power modes for various types of work. Quick switching of the engine and hydraulic system to optimize power and fuel consumption depending on the type of work performed. Automatic function: "Smart arrow". Function of short-term increase in power when digging. Modern Russian engine YaMZ 530 series Turbocharging and charge air cooling. Electronic control. Fuel efficiency (up to 20% compared to the previous generation). Low noise and vibration levels. Easy cold start

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