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Caterpillar equipment

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The American corporation Caterpillar is a world leader in the production of construction and mining equipment. The company offers the market a variety of both highly specialized and multifunctional machines. The CAT brand produces loaders, graders, bulldozers, dump trucks, underground equipment, drilling rigs, scrapers and almost all known types of excavators:

  • Backhoe loaders
  • Hydraulic crawler excavators
  • Hydraulic wheeled excavators
  • Excavators "mechanical shovel"
  • Draglines

Caterpillar excavators are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. They fully comply with modern environmental requirements, provide maximum ease of control and operator comfort.

Caterpillar Backhoe Loader

Caterpillar has been producing backhoe loaders for over 30 years. The latest F Series was designed with today's best engineering in mind, delivering versatility, high performance and the lowest fuel consumption in the industry.

To maximize the work functions of its backhoe loaders, Caterpillar offers a wide range of attachments: backhoe buckets of various configurations, rippers, hydraulic hammers, drills, rammers, grabs, dozer blades, road brushes, forks, log grabbers and other work equipment.

Today, several models of Caterpillar backhoe loaders of varying power are supplied to Russia. The smallest of them, 422F2, has a net power of 52.9 kW and an operating weight of 7529.0 kg. The largest model is 444F2 with a net power of 70.9 kW and a weight of 9606.0 kg.

In our country, Caterpillar backhoe loaders are widely used in landscaping work, repairing underground utilities, constructing and cleaning storm drains, as well as clearing streets and courtyards of snow in winter.

Mechanical shovel Caterpillar

Mechanical shovels are a type of mining excavator in which the bucket is manipulated using a rope traction. This is the most common type of machine used for stripping or loading mined ore into vehicles.

All Caterpillar mechanical shovels are equipped with AC drive. This technology provides a number of advantages over machines running on direct electric current. Among them: short duty cycle, higher efficiency, increased mean time between failures, less vulnerability to power surges, reduced energy consumption (savings up to 10% over the entire life of the excavator).

The entire range of Caterpillar mechanical shovels is available to Russian consumers.

  • The CAT 7295 series is the smallest of all models produced. It can be equipped with buckets with a capacity of 18.4-39 m3 with a useful weight of 45.4 tons.
  • CAT 7395 series. Bucket capacity 20.6-55.8 m3. Bucket payload – 64.0 tons.
  • CAT 7495 series. It is possible to install buckets with a capacity of 30.6-62.7 m3 with a maximum load of up to 109 tons.

All metal structures of Caterpillar mechanical shovels are made of high-strength impact-resistant steel. Welded seams undergo mandatory flaw detection with ultrasound or x-rays, and also undergo additional heat treatment in furnaces. The resulting high structural strength ensures high value and usefulness of Caterpillar mining machines over the life of the machine.

  • after the crash
  • Caterpillar
Chassis type:
  • Tracked
Year of issue:
Principle of operation:
  • Cyclic action
Working body:
  • Backhoe
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В управлении эта машина просто превосходная. К тому же она очень шустрая и маневренная: копать и загружать можно очень быстро
Это моя рабочая лошадка, которая меня кормит, при этом особо никогда не подводила, так что ничего плохого про этот экскаватор сказать не могу. Рахмет. Жаксы колiк
Виктор Агапов
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Техника Cat самая надежная.
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