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Vorovayka - Flatbed truck HOWO T5G 4x2 ZZ5167JSQM501GE1 2017y/v

4 577 40200 RUB
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Brand new Sinotruk Howo-TG5 created using MAN technology. Technical characteristics of HOWO T5G 4×2 flatbed truck ZZ5167JSQM501GE1: Dimensions: length/width/height(mm): 7930-12000/2496/3300-3500 Crane: 8t Wheelbase:(front/rear)(mm): 4500-6200 Width tracks: (front/rear)(mm): 1945-2040 / 1844-1864 Gross vehicle weight (kg): -technically permissible 18000 -permitted 18000 Curb weight (kg): 7010-8950 On the first axle (technically permissible): 7000 Per rear bogie (kg) - technically permissible 11500 - permissible 11500 Engine model MC07.21-50, MC07.24-50, MC07.28-50, four-stroke diesel, with turbocharging and intermediate air cooling Power, l/s 210,240,280 Maximum torque Nm (min-1) 830 925 1100 (1200-1700) (1200-1700) (1200-1700) BOSCH injection pump, CP3.3 BOSCH injectors, CRIN-MC07 Turbocharger Borg Warner S200G Air filter Mann?Hummel, 752W08400 -6001/1 Basic equipment Viscous coupling of the cooling system fan; Air intake heater; Neutralizer-Tenneco Technical characteristics of the crane-manipulator XCMG SQ8SK3Q: Maximum load moment 20 t. m. Maximum boom radius 11.5 m. Minimum boom radius 2.5 m. Maximum load capacity 8,000 kg. at boom radius 2.50 m. 8,000 kg. at boom radius 4.4 m. 4,400 kg. at boom radius 7.0 m. 2,500 kg. at boom radius 9.0 m. 1,750 kg. at boom radius 11.5 m. 1,100 kg. Number of retractable sections 3 pcs. Maximum lifting height * 12.5 m. Column rotation angle Full rotation Rated power consumption 28 kW Rated pressure of the working fluid at the outlet 27 MPa Rated supply of the working fluid 55 l./min. Hydraulic tank capacity 160 l. Overall length in transport position 4.5 m. Overall width in transport position 0.86 m. Overall height in transport position ** 2.616 m. Unladen weight with outriggers 3,312 kg. Operating temperature range from 40 to -40 °C Maximum extension width of outriggers 5.296 m Conductor method Current collector Control method Hydraulic Control place Control panels next to the column on both sides We also offer for sale flatbed trucks with a crane manipulator: 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons and 12 tons. Check with our managers for price and availability...! Price: 79607 USD including VAT (price includes recycling fee including VAT) Price in rubles at the exchange rate of the day! Guarantee, leasing, credit!!! Wei Group LLC Krasnoyarsk is the official dealer of the manufacturer Howo Sinotruk. Delivery to any region of Russia and CIS countries! All details on the specified phone number...!

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