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Armored cap in the body of a car (kung)

144 59000 RUB
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Armored kung and car body cap In modern conditions, the availability of comprehensive means of protecting objects is becoming increasingly important, and along with efficiency, mobility is becoming increasingly important. Our company offers reliable armored caps for installation in the car body, allowing you to quickly and at low cost turn it into a full-fledged element of the security system. In terms of bullet resistance, our products correspond to the Br4 level established by GOST R 51112-97. Moreover, it can be increased if there are appropriate requirements from the customer. Features of the armored design The armored cap is made of armor steel with additional internal metal lining. All surfaces must be primed and painted to avoid corrosion. The ventilation system of the guard shelter is provided with specially shaped holes that prevent bullets and ricochet fragments from penetrating inside. Having our own production, we are ready to modify any standard protection module to meet individual customer requirements, both in terms of the level of security and technical equipment. As standard, the armored cap includes: a rotating chair for the shooter with seat belts: a rack for placing various types of small arms and RPGs; four armored loopholes for the use of weapons. Before delivery to the customer, each cap is tested with real shooting to confirm the declared characteristics of the product’s armor resistance. Our conditions When working with clients, we use an individual approach, offer various forms of payment, work with the military-industrial sector on deferred payment, and our price is one of the most affordable on the market, taking into account the quality of the modules offered. With us, buying an armored cap for a car body is not difficult at all. Just contact the company manager and get the necessary advice to conclude a manufacturing and supply agreement. Not everyone can afford a specialized armored vehicle, given its high cost, but installing an armored module in the back of almost any car allows you to get an affordable and quite effective solution in the field of protecting objects for various purposes.

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