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"Vector" unmanned coal mining complex

The DET-YA company, together with Chinese partners, over the past 4 years has developed and implemented a number of projects in the mines of China for auger mining of coal from very thin (up to 0.7 m) and thin (0.71-1.2 m) seams.
During this period, we managed to achieve stable daily coal production by one complex in a volume of at least 1,200 tons (with a seam thickness of 0.85 m)!

The Vector unmanned coal mining complex, in addition to high coal production, showed the following results

  • Coal mining without human presence at the face
  • Reducing injuries and occupational diseases of workers
  • Possibility of mining coal from waste and off-balance reserves
  • Parent ash content of coal (the finished product is mined, not the rock mass)
  • Reduced initial and operating costs
  • High level of production culture
  • Low cost of coal
  • A new technical level in the development of balance reserves
  • Possibility of working in outburst-hazardous formations prone to spontaneous combustion, gas and dust hazardous (through the use of an inert gas generator and special technical solutions)

Such high results were achieved due to:

  1. Design based on specific mining, geological and production conditions of the mine
  2. Applications of unique drill bits
  3. Increasing the overall power supply of the complex
  • Ukraine
Ad type:
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Year of issue:
Working body:
  • With vertical axis of rotation
Capacity of the removed formation:
  • up to 1.2 m.
Formation dip angle:
  • less than 35°

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