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Loading machine 1PPN5

A bucket-type rock-loading machine mounted on an articulated boom, with stepwise loading of rock mass, with an electric drive, is designed for loading destroyed rock mass with a strength coefficient of up to 16 units when carrying out horizontal and slightly inclined (up to ±3°) workings with a cross-sectional area of more than 7, 5 m² in light. The bulk density of the immersed rock mass is no more than 1.8 t/m³.

Description 1PPN5

The loading machine is a self-propelled wheel-rail trolley. Attached to the trolley are: a working element - a “bucket”, a buffer hitch, and a conveyor rotating in a horizontal plane. The bucket is secured to the boom and lifted by a winch using chains. The rock from the bucket, after turning it in a vertical plane, is unloaded into the hopper of a belt conveyor and is sent along it to trolleys to a drift conveyor or other vehicles. The machine is controlled by a driver standing on the site using a remote control.

Productivity, m3/min, not less than 1.25

Bucket capacity, m3, not less than 0.32

Working width, mm, not less than 400

Loading height, mm, not less than 1450

Size of pieces of immersed rock mass, mm, not less than 400

Rock mass strength coefficient according to Protodyakonov, not less than 16

Track width, mm* 600/750/900

Conveyor belt width, mm 650

Drive type: electric

Supply voltage, V* 380/660

Machine drive power, kW 14

Conveyor drive power, kW 7.5

Machine length in transport (working) position, mm 7300 (7535)

Machine width in transport (working) position, mm 1400 (1700)

Machine height in transport (working) position, mm 1750 (2250)

Weight of the delivery set, t 9.8

  • Russian Federation
Ad type:
  • Sale
  • new
Year of issue:
Chassis type:
  • Колесно-рельсовый
Principle of operation:
  • Continuous action
Bucket volume:
  • less than 0.5 m³
Working body:
  • Bucket

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