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Stone crumbs Jasper 40 kg

One of the popular natural stone products, suitable for a variety of purposes, is stone chips. Stone chips have a large number of applications due to their aesthetic and practical characteristics. Stone chips look neat, unusual, when needed - brightly or, conversely, calmly. The resulting texture makes the use of stone chips very popular among landscape designers and interior designers. Stone chips are widely used in interior design, as well as for cladding buildings. Using a special glue, the basement floor and internal walls of the building are faced with stone chips; it looks very impressive and unusual; It is used both in country houses and in the city and in commercial premises.
Type of ornamental stones:
  • Jasper
  • Raw
Piece/fraction size:
  • from 5 to 10 mm.
Stone color:
  • Brown
  • Orange

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