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Polished jadeite cube 5*5 cm, set of 10 pcs

A cube of jadeite stone, polished with chamfers 5x5 cm. Impact-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, mineral. Cube size 5*5 cm. Surface polished. The chamfers are polished. Very durable cube made of jadeite from the Borussky deposit in Khakassia. The weight of 1 cube is 0.4 kg. Packing 10 pcs 4 kg. The price is for a set of 10 pieces. A cube for decoration, interior design, sauna stove - a great gift.

Cubes made of natural jadeite stone, ground and polished, jadeite evaporators for sauna stoves, stands for scented candles, polished decorative tiles made of jadeite and other natural stones - available in Novosibirsk.

We will answer all questions by phone +79231021040

We are waiting for you in Novosibirsk at the address: st. Dunaevskogo, 16A
Opening hours: from 9 to 19, no lunch, Sunday from 10 to 15.

We organize delivery in Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk,
we will send via Yandex delivery,

Type of jewelry and semi-precious stone:
  • Processed
Piece/fraction size:
  • from 300 to 1500 mm.
Stone color:
  • Green
Stone weight:
  • more than 10 carats

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