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Chernozem in bags with delivery

Chernozem is rich fertile soil that can be called the pride of Russia, its national treasure. The magnificent properties of chernozem are also mentioned in ancient chronicles of the 5th-6th centuries: “chernozem soil is the best nurse for the people, because it is not afraid of cold weather, winds and showers, or drought.” Features: in bags. Advantages: growing vegetables in greenhouses, ornamental plants and flowers in greenhouses; sale of indoor plants in Moscow, the cost of which includes black soil packaged in flowerpots; construction and repair of lawns in the Moscow region, when black soil in bags is more preferable due to the risk of contamination of the yard and walkways when delivered in bulk; decision to buy black soil with delivery to hard-to-reach places in the capital, where a large dump truck will not pass, but packaged material in bags will be just right. Application: Chernozem is ideal for any type of planting; Most often, chernozem is used to form a certain reserve of soil fertility; Chernozem can be used separately or as part of soil mixtures. You can get detailed advice, a preliminary calculation of the cost of services, and also fill out an application using the website form or by calling the company. Call!

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