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Copper sulfate, copper sulfate


Copper sulfate is an inorganic substance of blue color of various shades. It dissolves well in water. The dissolution of copper sulfate occurs with significant heat release. Copper sulfate hydrolyzes and produces an acidic environment.

Copper sulfate is one of the most important copper salts. It often serves as a starting material for the production of other copper compounds.

Anhydrous copper sulfate is a good desiccant and can be used for dehydration (absolutization) of ethanol, drying of gases (including air) and as a humidity indicator.

The ease of growing copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals and their sharp difference from the anhydrous form are used in school education.

In mechanical engineering it is used for painting metal parts before manual marking.

In construction, an aqueous solution of copper sulfate is used to neutralize the effects of leaks, eliminate rust stains, and also to remove salt secretions from brick, concrete and plastered surfaces, and also as an antiseptic and fungicidal agent to prevent wood rotting.

In agriculture, copper sulfate is used as an antiseptic, fungicide and copper-sulfur fertilizer. To disinfect tree wounds, a 1% solution (100 g per 10 l) is used, which is rubbed into previously cleaned damaged areas. Against late blight of tomatoes and potatoes, plantings are sprayed with a 0.2% solution (20 g per 10 l) at the first signs of the disease, as well as for prevention when there is a threat of the disease (for example, in damp, humid weather). The soil is watered with a solution of copper sulfate to disinfect and replenish the lack of sulfur and copper (5 g per 10 l). However, copper sulfate is more often used as part of Bordeaux mixture - the main copper sulfate CuSO4·3Cu(OH)2 against fungal diseases and grape phylloxera. For these purposes, copper(II) sulfate is available in retail stores.

To combat algal blooms in reservoirs, chemical treatment with copper sulfate is also used.

It is also used for the manufacture of mineral paints, in medicine, as one of the components of electrolytic baths for copper plating, etc., and in the composition of spinning solutions in the production of acetate fiber.

It is registered in the food industry as a food additive E519. Used as a color fixative and preservative.

In everyday life it is used to remove rust stains on the ceiling after flooding.

At non-ferrous metal scrap purchase points, a solution of copper sulfate is used to identify zinc, manganese and magnesium in aluminum alloys and stainless steel. When these metals are detected, red spots appear.

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