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Sodium sulfate anhydrous

Buy sodium sulfate anhydrous

Sodium sulfate anhydrous is a solid white powder with a slight gray tint. The crystals are odorless, and the taste is salty and bitter. The granules are soluble in water. The chemical formula is Na2SO4. Another name that has been known for a long time is Glauber’s salt.

Properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate

The peculiarities of sodium sulfate are its high hygroscopicity. Stability is noted at temperatures above +33 degrees Celsius. Salt does not explode and is not a fire hazard. The chemical compound is known as food additive E514.

The inorganic compound complies with GOST 4166-76. Sales are carried out in bags of different weights: 1, 5 and 25 kg.

Application of sodium sulfate anhydrous

Most often, sodium salt of sulfuric acid is used in the following industrial areas:

pulp and paper;

Anhydrous sodium sulfate is used in construction as an anti-frost additive and concrete setting accelerator. It is also necessary for the production of various detergents and washing powders. Sodium sulfate is also needed when dyeing cotton fabrics.

Order anhydrous sodium sulfate at a competitive price

The company "StalEnergo-96" LLC recommends purchasing anhydrous sodium sulfate, which complies with GOST, at an affordable cost. Affordable price is an important factor that allows you to significantly increase the scope of use. The most convenient way to place an order is on the website, where your email address and contact phone number are posted. Delivery is made to all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS in the shortest possible time and by any transport.

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