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Liquid helium

Liquid helium Selling the product in bulk at the best price. Supplied in specialized cylinders. Delivery throughout Russia using our own vehicles, which allows you to deliver the cargo to your warehouse in the shortest possible time. The logistics system also calculates the shortest route from our warehouse: in Moscow, Tula, St. Petersburg or Ryazai about your city. The product comes with quality certificates and related documentation. Produced in accordance with GOST. Used for various fields, including MRI installations. Liquid helium is unique in that it is the coldest liquid substance in nature, and also has superfluidity. It remains in a liquid state even at temperatures close to absolute zero. Due to its properties, liquid helium is actively used in some areas of industry and scientific research. Send applications by email or call the number indicated in the company card. With respect, to you and your business LLC "Trading Industrial Company" Novomoskovsk

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