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Oil by freight car

30 50000 RUB
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Viscosity varies widely (from 1.98 to 265.90 mm²/s for various oils produced in Russia), is determined by the fractional composition of the oil and its temperature (the higher it is and the greater the number of light fractions, the lower the viscosity), as well as content of resinous-asphaltene substances (the more there are, the higher the viscosity). Specific heat capacity 1.7–2.1 kJ/(kg∙K). Specific heat of combustion (lower) 43.7–46.2 MJ/kg. Dielectric constant 2.0—2.5 Electrical conductivity [specific] from to . Oil is a flammable liquid. Flash point from −35 to +121 °C (depending on the fractional composition and the content of dissolved gases in it). Oil is soluble in organic solvents, under normal conditions it is insoluble in water, but can form stable emulsions with it. In the technology for separating water and salt dissolved in it from oil, dehydration and desalting are carried out. Chemical composition

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