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Oil from Rosneft Urals brand

30 50000 RUB
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Oil contains mainly paraffin (usually 30-35, less often 40-50% by volume) and naphthenic (25-75%) compounds. To a lesser extent - compounds of the aromatic series (10-20, less often 35%) and mixed or hybrid structure (for example, paraffin-naphthenic, naphthenic-aromatic). Along with hydrocarbons, oil contains substances containing impurity atoms. Sulfur-containing - H2S, mercaptans, mono- and disulfides, thiophenes and thiophanes, as well as polycyclic, etc. (70-90% is concentrated in residual products - fuel oil and tar); nitrogen-containing - mainly homologues of pyridine, quinoline, indole, carbazole, pyrrole, as well as porphyrins (mostly concentrated in heavy fractions and residues);

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