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Petroleum road bitumen BND 40/60, 60/90, 70/100, 100/130, 90/130 GOST 22245-90, GOST 33133-2014 Manufactured by Ufaneftekhim OJSC, Novoil OJSC, Lukoil OJSC, Taif-NK OJSC

Welcome to the company! Rice Bitum LLC as part of the RISE OIL GROUP holding, in 2012. organized a line for packing bitumen materials into used metal euro-barrels 195 kg, containers for bitumen 1000 kg. and beatboxes 1050 kg. Available grades of bituminous materials: Bitumen BND 40/60, 60/90, 50/70, 70/100, 90/130, 100/130, 130/200, 200/300 Bitumen PBB 40, PBB 60, PBB 90, PBB 100 , PBV 130, PBV 200, PBV 300 Brands of bitumen binders PG Superpave PG 52-46, PG 58-22, PG 58-40, PG 64-22, PG 64-28, PG 64-34, PG 64-40, PG 70-16, PG 70-22, PG 70-28, PG 70-34, PG 70-40, PG 76-22, PG 76-28, PG 76-34, PG 82-16, PG 82-22 according to PNST 85-2016. Bitumen MGO, MG, SG 40/70, 70/130, 130/200, 200/300 Production facilities are located at five bitumen terminals in Russia, which allows us to optimize logistics costs and offer our partners the best prices. An established logistics scheme and convenient location of bitumen terminals ensure prompt delivery of products and optimize logistics costs by up to 15%. Each shipped batch of bituminous materials is tested in an accredited laboratory for compliance with quality indicators. Products are supplied throughout the Russian Federation and to countries far and near abroad (Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Europe, China, Africa, India, Latin America, etc. Production capacity is 5,000 tons per month. We deliver in 20 foot containers, covered wagons, gondola cars and by sea. For your convenience, we always have more than 1,000 tons of packaged bitumen in stock. Sincerely, Petroleum Products Trading Department +7 800 222-92-25 info@bitum-rise .ru official website

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