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Liquid petroleum paraffin

Liquid petroleum paraffin, wide fraction C9-C21, fraction C10-C13, fraction C13, fraction C14-C17. At our warehouse in Kirishi. We will arrange delivery by tanker truck. We load from 20 tons. We also organize delivery to anywhere in the world. Transportation by railway tank is possible. When transporting, containers for transportation must be hermetically sealed. For self-pickup, payment is made upon shipment. The price depends on the volume and market conditions. Description, appearance: Transparent oily liquid that does not contain suspended and settled foreign impurities, including water. Scope of application: - For the production of water repellents based on liquid paraffins, demulsifiers (used in the purification of fuel oil fractions and oil from water, the binding of unsaturated hydrocarbons during the disinfection of sludge reservoirs and the reclamation of oil-contaminated soils, etc.); - For the production of LABS (linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acids) - raw materials for technical detergents; - Used in the production of biologically degradable surfactants (sulfonates, higher fatty alcohols, etc.), plasticizers; microbiological industry - production of feed proteins from n-alkanes (protein-vitamin concentrates (PVC)), feed yeast based on non-plant raw materials. - Liquid paraffins containing n-alkanes with the number of carbon atoms in the molecule 5-13 are used as special solvents. - To obtain an ignition retarder - an anti-knock agent; - Vaseline oil

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