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Liquefied gas wholesale.

14 70000 RUB
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We sell wholesale liquefied gases (SPBT, propane-butane, propane and isobutane of the highest grade). Our company has the opportunity to sell gas from the largest oil and gas industry enterprises, thanks to this we provide our partners with high quality products on an ongoing basis and at the lowest prices. One of the priority areas of our activity is the installation, maintenance and refilling of gas tanks with liquefied gas. At the request of the customer, we will deliver liquefied gas (propane, propane-butane) possibly to gas filling stations, residential buildings, as well as to enterprises for gas tanks. Gas tanks are filled with liquefied gas (propane, SPBT, propane-butane) on site by the company’s specialists. The company pays special attention to safety: employees have undergone special training and have all the necessary permits to work.

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