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Propane, 27l. Cylinder exchange

Propane-butane is a liquefied mixture of two petroleum gases, which is obtained from oil and petroleum associated gases, i.e. for most manufacturers it is a by-product. Colloquially, "PROPANE" is actually a mixture of propane (40% or more) and butane. The propane-butane technical mixture or SPBT makes up 90% of the volume of hydrocarbon gases sold. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane-butane is widely used in vehicles, in industry during welding work, in enterprises and in everyday life as a gaseous fuel. Propane - butane is mixed by adding the necessary additives, detergents, oxygenates and fungicidal additives. Propane-butane GOST 20448-90 is loaded and transported to consumers in liquid form. To ensure that the mixture remains in a liquid state, it is stored and transported under a pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 atmospheres).

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