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Fine quartz sand

Quartz sand is the most popular mineral in modern construction. Its extraction is carried out in two ways: grinding the quartz itself directly by crushing; mining using excavators from water channels. Quartz sand is a monomineral, that is, it includes one mineral component - quartz. Endowed with high water permeability. This sand is classified as class 1 according to GOST. There are 3 types of quartz sand depending on the place of extraction and method. The technical characteristics of the finished product for construction directly depend on this, namely the color palette, grain size and strength. Types of quartz sand: Glass (GOST 22551) are used when molding various glass raw materials, for example, glass wool, as well as in the production of ceramics. Molding (GOST 2138) is indispensable in foundry production. Various rods and shapes are produced from it, while adding cement or synthetic substances. Construction (GOST 8736) sand is the most popular, because it is used for producing concrete blocks, plaster mixtures, as well as for various types of landscape work. Where and for what quartz sand is used for various purposes. The largest volumes of quartz sand are used in industry - chemical, oil and foundry. Quartz sand is extremely durable, so it is very often used in construction work. In addition, various facing materials are produced from it. Thanks to its excellent dispersion, this type of sand is indispensable for the installation and maintenance of drainage systems and filters installed to control water quality. It is very often used for arranging sports and children's playgrounds, beaches. This is due to the fact that quartz sand is completely free of chemical additives, i.e. it is completely safe. Buying quartz sand from us If you are building your own house, or decorating a patio, and for this you need quartz sand, then we are waiting for you with us. Everything You will find varieties of quartz sand in the catalog of our store. You can buy quartz sand with delivery to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region on our website. In the catalog of our online store you will find all types of sand that meet the requirements of GOST. Our organization has its own fleet of vehicles, so we deliver in any volume and at a time convenient for you throughout the Leningrad region. If you want to buy first-class quartz sand that fully meets all GOST conditions, feel free to write to us. If necessary, we can provide all the necessary documentation and quality certificates for our products. We deliver minerals to our customers without intermediaries, so our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Delivery is made within the time specified in the contract, without delays. Write to us at any convenient time.

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