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Powdered graphite GOST 23463-79

Powdered graphite belongs to the class of natural nuggets and is an allotrope of carbon. In its structure, graphite is a layered crystal lattice. In appearance, it is a black to steel-colored substance, greasy to the touch, with a metallic sheen. Main properties of graphite powder GOST 23463-79: softness; thermal conductivity; electrical conductivity; resistance to aggressive chemicals; does not have chemical purity. There are such types of graphite as foundry, structural, antifriction and fine-grained. All of them are widely in demand in the following areas: production of refractory materials; production of slate pencils, paints; as part of batteries; nuclear energy; chemical and mining industry. Powdered graphite GOST 23463-79 can be purchased from NPP TrubTekhArmatura LLC. Delivery to all regions of Russia and CIS countries.

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