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Copper anode 3 mm M1f GOST 767-91

Buy a copper anode 3 mm M1f GOST 767-91 at a wholesale price with delivery throughout Russia and the CIS from OKB Spetstalproekt. The copper anode is manufactured in accordance with GOST 767-91. The product is made of M1f grade copper. Copper is a transition metal. It is characterized by plasticity, resistance to corrosion, unlimited service life, and is aesthetically attractive. It is also a common metal, quite easily extracted from ore and processed into products. It is no coincidence that copper is one of the first metals mastered by man. The main properties of copper are density - 8.92 g/cm³³; melting point - 1083.4 °C; boiling point - 2567 °C; thermal conductivity 401 W/(m K). Pure copper obtained by pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and pyrolysis. Then they are used both in pure form and in alloys. The metal is part of brass, bronze, copper-nickel alloys, master alloys for steel smelting. GOST 767-91 anode is used in electrical engineering, the manufacture of climate control equipment, instrument making, mechanical engineering and other industries. The material is actively used for decorative purposes. Characteristics of the copper anode Rolled category Copper anode Material Copper Brand M1f Size 3 mm NTDGOST 767-91 The cost of the M1f anode depends on the order volume, terms of payment and delivery. To find out the exact price, send a request or call us. Will you need machining? We provide manufacturing and metalworking services and are ready to completely meet your needs. Discounts are now available for a number of services!

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