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Zinc phosphate

Zinc phosphate is a white or gray crystal with a rather unpleasant pungent odor. Application Widely used in various industries. For example, in mechanical engineering, the production of paints and varnishes, for priming, to reduce friction, in laboratory practice, for addition to galvanic baths, as well as for phosphating metal surfaces to avoid corrosion and the metal to become more wear-resistant. Synonyms: Zinc monophosphate, zinc phosphate, zinc dihydrogen phosphate, monosubstituted zinc phosphate Specification Zinc content (Zn), not less than 19.5% (actual 19.51%) Total phosphoric acid and phosphates, not less than 47.5% (fact .48%) Free acid, no more than 5.0% (actual 2.15%) Zinc monophosphate or otherwise the reagent is called zinc monophosphate, monosubstituted zinc phosphate, zinc dihydrogen phosphate - is an acid salt of orthophosphoric acid and pink, gray crystalline powder or white shade. Zinc monophosphate is highly soluble in water. Zinc monophosphate is obtained at temperatures above 110 C by the reaction of zinc oxide with phosphoric acid. In industry, production is carried out in accordance with regulatory documents GOST 16992-78. You can purchase high-quality zinc monophosphate from the MSD Company on favorable terms. Zinc dihydrogen phosphate is a low-toxic substance, but during operation you should still take precautions: protect your eyes and skin. Application Zinc monophosphate or Zinc phosphate monosubstituted, zinc phosphate is used: in the field of mechanical engineering, as an additive in galvanic baths, when phosphating a metal surface to protect against corrosion, to reduce friction, to form a primer before paint coating, in laboratory practice, polymer production, etc. .

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