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Zinc sheet 0.15x500x500 mm Ts0 GOST 598-90

Zinc sheet 0.15x500x500mm Ts0, thanks to its anti-corrosion properties and high level of manufacturability, has found wide application in the printing industry, instrument making, shipbuilding, aviation and mechanical engineering industries. The product serves as a semi-finished product in the manufacture of anode protectors to protect machines and mechanisms from corrosive influences, solders, and protective coatings._x000D_ _x000D_ Zinc sheet 0.15x500x500mm Ts0 GOST 598-90 is manufactured at our enterprise in full compliance with the requirements of state standards and environmental safety norms. Our engineers ensure the purity of the chemical composition and the exact dimensions of the product. All products are certified by specialized independent laboratories._x000D_ _x000D_ We offer you to buy zinc sheets of excellent quality from our company. Experienced logistics specialists organize prompt delivery of the product even to hard-to-reach settlements of the country.

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