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Copper powder PMS-1 GOST 4960-2009

Copper powder PMS-1 GOST 4960-2009

If you need to buy copper PMS powder, then you have come to the right place. Our company provides products at the lowest prices.

Copper powder PMS-1 GOST 4960-2009 is an electrolytic agent that has a complex chemical composition, but the copper in the powder is at a high level.


It is used as an anti-corrosion coating in pressed, varnished and painted products. Designed for use in electrical, mechanical engineering and other industries, as well as for export. The shape of copper powder particles is varied. But, some brands have a specific shape. The manufacturer guarantees a shelf life of up to six months from the date of manufacture.

Description of copper powder

The color of copper is red-brown with a metallic sheen. The material can linger well on the surface and can also be easily shaken.

It is worth noting that copper powder is flammable and explosive, but not toxic. It can have an irritating effect on humans. It is necessary to take care of the respiratory tract, stomach, and may be deposited in the liver. And also lead to functional disorders of the nervous system.

Therefore, when applying it is necessary to use a special protective mask. After all, during use, copper powder generates too much dust, and this can cause an allergic reaction.

Where and how to buy copper powder

You can order and buy PMS-1 copper powder from our company on the most favorable terms. You can fill out an application in any way convenient for the client: by calling a phone number, writing by email, or using the “Call me” feedback. The company's managers will contact you shortly, answer all your questions, and also help you place your order.

Copper powders are hermetically packaged in steel drums in accordance with GOST 5044, with a capacity of 45 dm3 with an internal polyethylene bag in accordance with GOST 17811, or in polypropylene soft containers with a loading capacity of 1000 kg and 1250 kg.

It is worth noting that we provide the lowest prices for goods in the city and region. Contact us, we are waiting for you.

  • Metal
  • 99-100%
Piece/fraction size:
  • less than 1 mm.

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