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Tin block O1pch GOST 860-76

Buy a tin block O1pch GOST 860-76 at a wholesale price with delivery throughout Russia and the CIS from OKB Spetstalproekt. The tin block is manufactured in accordance with GOST 860-75. The product is made of O1pch grade tin. Tin is a malleable and fusible post-transition metal of a silver-white color. Belongs to the group of light metals. Melting point 230.90 °C. The element is presented in two modified modifications: white tin under normal conditions, gray tin when cooled. Gray tin forms crystals with a structure similar to diamond. The transition from white to gray is accompanied by an increase in specific volume and a decrease in density, which leads to the disintegration of tin into powder. Tin has high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and ductility, which makes it possible to process it using almost any mechanical method, after which the metal does not lose its original qualities. Can be recyclable. Disadvantages include the inability to withstand high loads. The following grades are distinguished: Brand Tin content, not less than % Form Scope of application VCh 000 99.999% pig rod for semiconductor technology O1pch 99.915% pig block for the production of canning tin and the preparation of chemical reagents O1 99.900% pig block for the production of tin, rods, tape and other products for electrical purposes and the production of alloys and solders O2 99.565% pig block for the preparation of babbitts, alloys, solders, tin powder, the manufacture of various types of products, foil, tinning of kitchen utensils O3 98.49% pigs for the preparation of solders O4 96.43% pigs for preparing solders, babbitts and alloys, modifying gray cast iron. It is a component of many alloys. The main industrial mineral of tin is cassiterite. Tin block is used in metallurgical field, pipeline, protective coatings. Tin is safe for humans, so it is used in the production of containers for preparing and storing food and medical instruments. Tin is also an excellent alloying element. Characteristics of a tin block Rolled category Tin block Material Tin Brand O1pchNTDGOST 860-75 The cost of a tin block O1pch GOST 860-76 depends on the volume of the order, terms of payment and delivery. To find out the exact price, send a request or call us. Will you need metal cutting? We provide manufacturing and metalworking services and are ready to completely meet your needs. There are currently discounts on a number of services!

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