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Tin sheet 0.5 mm O1

Tin sheet 0.5mm O1 is a product with a rectangular cross-section that has a number of attractive features. Among the main characteristics of the product are a high level of plasticity, protection from corrosion, fusibility, malleability, and significant electrical conductivity. The main area of application of the product is the food industry, as well as the production of various instruments, mechanisms and machines._x000D_ _x000D_ Tin sheet 0.5 mm O1, due to the absence of toxic substances in its composition, high level of hygiene and environmental safety, is used in the production of food containers. Cans are made from it for long-term food storage. The product is also used to protect equipment operating under conditions of constant exposure to aggressive chemical compounds._x000D_ _x000D_ To buy tin sheet on special terms, you should call our company’s sales service. After completing the application and paying the invoice, the order will be completed with maximum efficiency, responsibly and efficiently. We will deliver the purchase to the address specified by the customer.

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