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Lead in ingots C1 GOST 3778-98

Lead in ingots, in ingots of grade C1 from StalEnergo-96GOST 3778-98. In the production of lead, the form most often used is in the form of ingots or blocks. The size and shape are set depending on consumer demand. Typically the weight of pigs is up to 30 kg, blocks are 1, 2, 3 tons. Lead in ingots GOST 3778-98 can be purchased at a price of 150 to 200 rubles. per kilogram. Its price per ton wholesale is from 130 thousand rubles. It is more profitable to buy in large volume ingots from SteelEnergo-96. Main types of alloys. CO, C1C, C1, C2C, C2, C3C, C3. Alloys CO and C1C are among the purest in terms of lead content (99.99%). The following have various impurities, such as silver, zinc, arsenic, iron and others. Derivatives of the main types of lead. Lead-antimony alloys differ in antimony content from 0.4 to 12%. These are SSu1, SSu2, SSu3, SSu8, SSu10. Alloys of type C SuM, SSuM1, SSuM2, SSuM3, SSuM7, SSuM0 differ in the change in the amount of copper. With SuA, US differ in composition by changing the content of antimony, zinc and iron. Typographic alloys MSh1, MSh2, MSh3, MSh, MSM1, MLi1 undergo changes of 9-15% antimony, 1-4% arsenic. The mass fraction of impurities in the composition may change depending on the wishes of the customer. Characteristics: Occurs in nature as part of ore. After special treatment, pure lead is released. Characteristic shiny metallic color with a slightly bluish tint. Very dense, but at the same time soft metal. Melts at a temperature of 327 C, relatively low for metals. Subject to rapid oxidation of the surface, forming a gray oxide. There is also a negative quality of the element, its toxicity. With prolonged contact with the element, it accumulates in the body. Application: Used in medicine as a protective screen for X-ray studies. Used in the nuclear industry. It is an essential part of various batteries. Contained in special cables. Widely used in the military industry. In construction it is part of dyes and building mixtures. Included in various solders. Actively used for scientific experiments.

  • Metal
  • 99-100%

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