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Indium metal type ingot

Indium metal type ingot, grade In00

The MetPromIntex company specializes in the supply of products from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of rolled metal products, as well as the design and manufacture of metal structures. Occupies a leading position in the rolled metal and pipe market. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable market participant. Our catalog contains about 8,000 standard sizes (pipes, pipeline fittings, roofing and facade materials, sheet and rolled products). The company's production capacity allows us to process structures of any size.

The company also has metals and alloys in stock:
Type: noble metal, silicon ferroalloy, light metal, ligature, low metal, manganese ferroalloy, precision alloy, diffuse metal, aluminum alloys, rare earth alloys, alkaline earth alloys, refractory metal, heavy metal, ferroboron, ferrovanadium, ferrotungsten, ferromanganese, ferronickel, non-ferrous metal, ferroniobium, ferroalloy, ferrotitanium, chromium ferroalloy, alkali metal. Form of supplied raw materials: blocks, granules, round, pieces, sheet, paste, powder, rods, powder, ingots, chips, ingots, rods. Material : actinium, aluminum, babbitt, barium, beryllium, boron, bronze, vanadium, bismuth, tungsten, gallium, hafnium, germanium, iron, gold, indium, yttrium, cadmium, potassium, calcium, cobalt, constantan, copel, brass, magnesium , manganese, copper, mischmetal, molybdenum, sodium, nickel, niobium, nichrome, tin, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhenium, ruthenium, lead, silver, silicocalcium, Wood's alloy, Rose's alloy, antimony, tantalum, tellurium, titanium, ferroaluminum , ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, chromium, zinc, zirconium, cast iron and others.

List of services provided by our company:

wholesale and small wholesale sales of rolled metal;
metalworking: galvanizing, welding, cutting and cutting to size, insulation and painting, including the application of anti-corrosion coating;
delivery of orders by road, rail, sea, air transport (our logistics department has over a hundred units of freight vehicles and container trains at its disposal).

  • Metal
  • from 90 to 99%
Raw material form:

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