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Cadmium KD1 in ingots GOST 1467-93

Buy cadmium KD1 in ingots GOST 1467-93 in Yekaterinburg at PKF Non-ferrous metallurgy. In our company PKF Non-ferrous metallurgy you can buy cadmium KD1 in ingots GOST 1467-93 at the most reasonable prices. The cost of the entire range of products is lower than that of competitors. We transport goods even to the most remote corners of the country. We cooperate with near and far abroad. We have the highest quality of services provided. It is important for the company's staff that the customer is always satisfied. You can buy any type of rolled metal products from the manufacturer from us. General characteristics of cadmium KD1 in ingots Cadmium is a fairly viscous, plastic and soft material. It is easily forged. In its pure form it is almost impossible to detect. Typically, it contains several minerals. In appearance it is a silvery, viscous material. Cadmium is extracted from ores that contain zinc. If you bend it, you can hear a slight cracking sound. This type of metal is sold not only in ingots, but also in plates and rods. Application Cadmium of technical purity 99.93% in ingots is widely used in the production of various alloys. It can be seen in batteries, in reactor rods, in high-voltage wires, in solder and much more. It is in its pure form that cadmium can be found in the jewelry industry. This popularity of the product is due to the fact that it is easy to process and has universal properties. Easily heats up and changes its shape. But, during heat treatment of metal, you should be wary of cadmium vapors, since they are quite toxic and tend to accumulate in the body. An unprotected person can become poisoned. The material quickly combines with water, acids and some metals. Transportation and storage of goods Cadmium KD1 in ingots GOST 1467-93 is transported only in closed vehicles of any type, with strict adherence to the rules for transporting goods. Cadmium is stored in special covered premises, mainly in warehouses of the manufacturer or buyer. If you purchase this type of product from our company, you can rest assured that it is stored in accordance with all GOST conditions. Each pig is strictly marked, without any chips or mechanical damage. Place your first order and see for yourself. The price per 1 kg or the price per 1 ton is the lowest. Clients who cooperate with us on a regular basis are provided with favorable discounts on wholesale and retail purchases, as well as on the entire range of services provided.

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