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Tellurium powder T-1

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Metal powders serve as the starting material for the manufacture of metal-ceramic products. Powders are obtained by mechanical grinding of metals, reduction of oxides, atomization of liquid metal, electrolytic deposition, heating and decomposition of carbonyls. Mechanical grinding of metals is carried out in ball, hammer and other mills. To prevent ignition, aluminum, magnesium and other low-melting metals are crushed in a protective atmosphere. Powders made by mechanical grinding are characterized by increased hardness due to the resulting hardening; they are poorly pressed, so they are subjected to annealing to remove the hardening. Powders of refractory metals (tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, etc.), as a rule, are obtained from heated oxides by reduction with hydrogen, generator gas or solid reducing agents: soot, graphite, coke, etc. Powders of aluminum, tin, lead are produced by atomizing liquid metal with a stream of compressed air, inert gas or steam, powder of copper, titanium, vanadium and other electropositive metals - electrolytic deposition, especially pure powders of nickel, iron and other metals - using the carbonyl method.

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