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Vanadium ingot 80 mm VnM-1 TU 48-4-272-73

Buy vanadium ingot 80 mm VnM-1 TU 48-4-272-73 at a wholesale price with delivery throughout Russia and the CIS from OKB "Spetsstalproekt" The vanadium ingot is manufactured according to TU 48-4-272-73. The product is made of vanadium grade VnM-1. Vanadium is a silver-colored transition metal. Refers to inert and refractory metals. It has good technological and mechanical properties such as ductility, weldability and strength. It has good resistance to corrosion and the action of sea water, diluted solutions of hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acids, and alkalis. Vanadium grades and alloys: VEL-1, VEL-2, VEL-3 - pure vanadium in powder form, obtained by electrolytic method; VnM-1, VnM-2 - pure vanadium in the form of ingots obtained by electron-arc melting; VnP-1, VnP-2 - pure vanadium in the form of round rods; VnPr-1, VnPr-2 - pure vanadium in the form of wire; VnPl-1, VnPl-2 - pure vanadium in the form of stripes; BB-8 is a vanadium-tungsten alloy. Vanadium is used in the production of sulfuric acid, also as an alloying additive in steels and in the production of high-strength titanium alloys. Helps reduce grain in the alloy. Vanadium ingot is used in hydrogen energy, in the automotive and oil industries. Characteristics of vanadium ingots Rolled category Vanadium ingot Material Vanadium Brand VnM-1 Size 80 mm NTDTU 48-4-272-73 The cost of vanadium ingot 80 mm VnM-1 TU 48-4-272-73 depends on the volume of the order, terms of payment and delivery. To find out the exact price, send a request or call us. Will you need casting? We provide manufacturing and metalworking services and are ready to completely meet your needs. There are currently discounts on a number of services!

  • Metal
  • 99-100%
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