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Beryllium metal B-1

Beryllium metal B-1 is an alkaline earth metal of light gray color, produced in the form of ingots. The metal is a toxic, hard and brittle material with low weight, and also has a high melting point and thermal conductivity. The main areas of application of Beryllium metal B-1: alloying of alloys in metallurgy, increasing the strength and hardness of compounds; defense and aerospace industry; nuclear power and nuclear reactors; professional acoustic systems; electronics production; X-ray technology and some others. Beryllium metal B-1 is easy to buy from NPK OboronMetKhim: free consultation with a specialist upon application; full support of the transaction; discounts and bonuses. We offer to purchase products in accordance with GOST, OST, AISI, TU, DIN, ASTM. All proposed products from NPK OboronMetKhim undergo quality control inspection and are accompanied by a quality certificate or product passport.

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