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Zirconium ingot E110 (KTC 110)

Buy zirconium ingot E110 (KTC 110) at a wholesale price with delivery throughout Russia and the CIS from OKB Spetstalproekt. The zirconium ingot is manufactured according to TU 95.166-83. The product is made of zirconium grade E110 (KTC 110). Zirconium is a transition metal, characterized by corrosion resistance and ductility. Quite widely distributed in the lithosphere, mainly in the composition of zircon and baddeleyite. Basic properties of zirconium density - 6.506 g/cm³; melting point - 1851 °C; boiling point - 4376 °C; thermal conductivity 22.7 W/(m K). Zirconium ingots are used in metallurgy, nuclear energy, medicine, light industry and pyrotechnics. Zirconium is resistant to acidic and alkaline environments, thereby increasing the corrosion resistance of the alloys it contains. The metal absorbs hydrogen at 300 °C, and at 400 °C and above it interacts with oxygen and nitrogen. This property is used in electric vacuum technology. Characteristics of zirconium ingot Rolled category Zirconium ingot Material Zirconium Brand E110 (KTC 110) NTDTU 95.166-83 The cost of zirconium ingot E110 depends on the order volume, terms of payment and delivery. To find out the exact price, send a request or call us. Will you need casting? We provide manufacturing and metalworking services and are ready to completely meet your needs. There are currently discounts on a number of services!

  • Metal
  • 99-100%
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