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Tantalum plate 15 x 65 x 220

Modern industry uses a variety of metals and their alloys as widely as possible in its activities. In addition to the most common and affordable steel and other ferrous metals, other materials that have completely different physical and chemical characteristics are no less in demand. Tantalum plate, the price of which from our company is low when purchased wholesale or retail, is a heat-resistant semi-finished product that has almost the highest melting point - 3017 degrees. With their high heat resistance, tantalum semi-finished products have high strength and ductility, which allows the use of any machining methods and the production of parts of any complexity. The price of tantalum per ton is quite high due to its low content in the earth’s crust and the complexity of its extraction, but our company guarantees the most affordable price. The semi-finished product is manufactured in accordance with OST and fully complies with it. You can buy tantalum from our company for use in a wide variety of industries - from medicine to rocket science.

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